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April 13, 2017


3 Features You Need to Know About the New Holocaust and Human Behavior

April is Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month and at Facing History, we’ve revised our seminal case study, Holocaust and Human Behavior. Five years in the making, this new edition provides a more dynamic experience for teachers and students as they grapple with this difficult history and the moral questions it raises. Read about three important features you should know about in the latest post on Facing Today.

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How Would an Innovation Grant Help You?

Part of challenging our students is challenging ourselves as educators. That’s why Facing History is excited to announce the 2017 Margot Stern Strom Innovation Grants. This year, we’re challenging you to think about how you can bring “hard empathy” into the classroom. You could be one of 12 educators to receive $2,500 to bring your project to life.  


Three Partisan Women Who Fought Against the Nazis

During World War II, 20,000 to 30,000 Jews fought back against the Nazis as partisans. Around 10 percent of these partisans were women. We’re celebrating three Jewish women partisans whose bravery shows us the meaning of what it is to be an upstander.

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A New Approach to Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird

Online Course: April 6-May 10, 2017

Teaching in a Time of Terrorism

Webinar: May 4, 2017


Online Workshop: Teaching World War II in East Asia - April 24

Join teachers from across the globe in an exciting online event focusing on broadening the study of World War II beyond its usual European narrative. Educators will examine the impact of colonialism, nationalism, and imperialism in the early 20th century; the development of racial ideologies; the roles of perpetrators, bystanders, and upstanders; and the enduring power of a nation’s collective memory.


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