Celebrating 25 years in the San Francisco Bay Area

This is a moment at Facing History.

It’s our moment to celebrate 25 years of empowering Bay Area educators to teach complex histories and inspire students to become Upstanders.

It’s also a moment of great uncertainty for our deeply polarized country. We are grappling with the effects of a pandemic, reassessing how to teach complex histories, fighting to keep hard-earned voting rights, and witnessing just how fragile our democracy is.

At this moment, the need for Facing History’s work has never been greater. And it's going to take a dedicated community of educators, students and partners to create a more equitable, less hate-filled world for future generations.

Join us to support Bay Area teachers as they use lessons of the past to equip students to meet the challenges of today and build a more just future.

Together, we are Facing History.

Our Impact

In the past 25 years, Facing History and Ourselves has grown from one classroom in the Bay Area to more than 1,100 schools impacting 774,000 students throughout Northern California. Facing History gives teachers the training and resources they need to help their students investigate complex issues, reflect on choices they confront today, and embrace their own civic power.

Help us raise $2.5 million in 2022 so we can reach 1 million students in Northern California!

Facing History teachers and their students have seen the impact of our programs come full circle in their lives through personal and professional experiences. Hear a few of their stories:

Campaign Supporters

CSAA Insurance Group

Michael Bien

Jennifer DiBrienza & Jesse Dorogusker

Janice Brody & Bruce Rule

Gloria Clumeck

Fran Codispoti

Debra Engel, Garret & Devin Peters

Barbara & Mark Elsberg

Sandra & Daniel Feldman

Shui Fong

Mary Ford

Diane & Bob Frankle

Judy & Joshua Goldman

Myra & Drew Goodman

Karen Grove & Julian Cortella

Judy Heyboer

Gary Hill


Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation

Pamela & David Hornik

Susan Hyatt

Vasu Jakkal

Vivian Kremer

Maja Kristin

Karen Grove & Julian Cortella

Angela & Chris Lovest

Gina Maya & Richard Capelouto

Deborah Mueller

Nammy Patel

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Amy Rao & Harry Plant

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Nancy Rothman & Lou Lavigne

Allen Samelson

Sue Ann Schiff

Shannon Hunt-Scott & Kevin Scott

Mansi Shah

Joyce Reynolds-Sinclair & Gerald Sinclair

Alejandra & Matthew Siroka

Alice Smith

Barbara Reiss Snyder & Jim Snyder

Sharman Spector-Angel & Gary Angel

YWCA of the Mid-Peninsula Donor Advised Fund

Mara & Rick Wallace

Zack Wasserman

Nancy & Bart Westcott

Rebecca Westerfield, Ivy Fine & Joshua Fine

Community Partners

Thank you to the following community partners who generously support teachers and students throughout Northern California:


We’re delighted to partner with businesses, foundations and individuals interested in supporting our work. Please contact Hadiya McCullough at hadiya_mccullough@facinghistory.org for more information.

San Francisco Bay Area Advisory Board

Ida Abbott

Asha Collins, PhD

Edda Collins Coleman *

Barbara Elsberg

Debra Engel *

Sandra Feldman

Diane Frankle

Judy Goldman *

Barbara Harriman

Judy Heyboer

Gary Hill

Vasu Jakkal

Christopher Lovest

Deborah Mueller

Laura Murawczyk

Namrata Patel

Sarah Pearson

Joni Podolsky

Barbara Reiss-Snyder

Joshua Reynolds

Joyce Reynolds-Sinlair, PhD

Susie Richardson *

Mansi Shah

Connie Shapiro **

Paul Sinclair

Alejandra Siroka

Barbara Sonneborn

Sharman Spector-Angel

Alberto Villaluna

Zachary Wasserman

Jane Zinner



Gloria Brown

Dennis Driver

Karen Kronick

Hal Luft

* Board of Directors

** Leadership Council

Our Work in the San Francisco Bay Area
& Across Northern California

California's rapidly shifting demographics call for greater cultural competence in educators, students, and the wider community, and Facing History is responding. Throughout Northern California, we are partnering with schools and districts to bring about systemic change– helping school leaders address issues of equity and inclusion, and creating school cultures where all students are heard and respected. Join us to ensure the next generation of students, educators and leaders are empowered to stand up to today's challenges and tackle future problems with empathy and equity. 

Contact Us

Please contact Hadiya McCullough at 510-786-2500 x226 or hadiya_mccullough@facinghistory.org for more information.